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NBA Parlay Won by Bettor ( 189235) Following Detroit Buzzer Beater

01-06 2023 casino news

NBA Parlay Won by Bettor ( 189235) Following Detroit Buzzer Beater

Despite all odds

A DraftKings bettor is counting his blessings after making a sizable profit on a $0.53 NBA wager.

all of Wednesday's NBA schedule's games

Every NBA game on Wednesday was part of a 12-game parlay bet provided by an Instagram user going by the handle @chief.reef_. Later that day, the winning wager was shared on Twitter by Bleacher Report's betting-focused account, who described it as "what dreams are made of":

We've all chosen the full NBA slate and placed it in a $0.50 parlay; in this case, the final leg paid off on a buzzer-beater. This is the stuff that dreams are made of (Instagram: chief.reef /@DKSportsbook); Twitter: br betting (@br betting); 5. January 2023

The wager was successful on all of the picks, and the Detroit Pistons' buzzer-beating shot ensured victory on the last leg. After Klay Thompson matched the score with his own three-pointer with one second remaining in the game against the Golden State Warriors, Saddiq Bey nailed a crazy three-pointer to give the Pistons the victory. The game's final score was 122-119, giving the parlay bettor $1,003.48 on a speculative bet.

The planets lined up.

Even if the bet switching turns out to be a winner at the very last second of the final game, a correct parlay comprising 12 games in a single day is the kind of luck most bettors can only hope for. The wager was not only close at that particular second.

With four seconds left, Mobley made a jump shot.

In a close game that also featured a basket in the waning seconds of play, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Phoenix Suns by a score of just two points. In reality, the Cavaliers were down for the majority of the second half before Evan Mobley's jump shot with four seconds remaining gave them the win.

The Indiana Pacers surrendered a late lead and lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in overtime in a game that was very closely contested. With 57 seconds left in the game, the Pacers had a four-point lead and only needed one stop or bucket to win. To our bettor's relief, the 76ers eventually even the score and defeated the Pacers by three points in overtime at 129-126.

In another game, the Milwaukee Bucks nearly destroyed the entire wager when they let a 21-point lead over the Toronto Raptors slip away with just four minutes remaining. Gary Trent Jr. made a three-pointer with 0.1 seconds remaining to force overtime, but the Bucks were able to hold on for the 104-101 victory and preserve the wager.

Multiple Parlay Bettors

Even though turning $0.53 into $1,003 is unquestionably great, how about making a $283,538 profit off just a single wager? During the last FIFA World Cup in Qatar, one bettor made exactly that happen using a seven-leg parlay combining international sports leagues and competitions.

The bet was cashed in, and Bleacher Report tweeted about it:

THE BIGGEST WIN IN SPORTS BETTING HISTORY. ILLUSORY JOURNEY — br betting (@br betting) (IG: dforte73184 @FDSportsbook) pic.twitter.com/TMLikyZH9m 18 December 2022

Daniel Forte, a US citizen, bet $26 on a parlay and picked six winning outcomes in 2022's sporting events, including Kansas winning the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship and Manchester City winning the English Premier League. He only needed France to win the World Cup in order to cash in on the wager and receive $557,000.

By now, most sports enthusiasts are aware that France lost the soccer competition after falling to Argentina in the championship match. Forte was fortunate in that he made the decision to withdraw before the final, ensuring himself the six-figure payouts.

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