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Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel in Cambodia is on fire, leaving a large number of people dead and missing.

12-29 2022 casino news

Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel in Cambodia is on fire, leaving a large number of people dead and missing.

The Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel in Poipet, Cambodia, had a significant fire. News organizations, however, disagree on the precise number of fatalities due to the incident. One thing is certain: many people were murdered and injured, and the precise number is still unknown. Some sources claim 16, others 19, and still others 10.

unforeseen fire

Unexpected fire at the Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel in Poipet, Cambodia, close to the Thai border left an unspecified number of persons (at least 13) on life support, missing, dead, or thought dead. On Wednesday, December 28, at midnight, a fire started.

However, it is anticipated that more bodies and badly injured persons may be found during the search.

Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian citizens made up the majority of the injured and dead.

At 2:00 PM on December 29, the fire was put out.

The Grand Diamond City hotel-casino fire, which began in Poipet, near the Thai border, about midnight on Wednesday, was fully put out at 2 pm on Thursday, according to Sek Sokhom, head of Banteay Meanchey's information department.

A nearby Buddhist temple was getting ready to receive the deceased.

Ngor Meng Chroun, the province's deputy governor, stated in an interview with Cambodia's Bayon Radio that the death toll had reached 16 and that 50 additional people had been injured. As more bodies of those trapped within were found, the number of fatalities appeared to be increasing as critically injured people died from their wounds. A public health officer named Prapas Pookduang stated: "13 persons have been placed on life support thus far." Thai hospitals have helped in the following ways:

Sa Kaeo, the governor of Parinya Phothisat, stated: "Thai hospitals had already examined and cleared another 60 or so victims caught in the conflagration."

79 Thai nationals, 30 Cambodians, and 8 Indonesians had received medical attention in Thai hospitals.

Unknown cause of the fire:

A total of 360 emergency personnel and 11 fire vehicles had been dispatched to the scene of the incident, the cause of which had not yet been determined, according to Banteay Meanchey, police chief of Sithi Loh. 400 people were employed by the casino. We are currently working to remove the dead bodies from the building, according to Montri Khaosa-ard, a staff member at Thailand's Ruamkatanyu Foundation, a social welfare group that sends volunteers to disaster areas. Due to the extremely dense smoke, I don't believe anyone will survive. When entering the building, everyone on the rescue team must be wearing the necessary equipment; otherwise, we will not be able to breathe at all.

The fire started on the first floor but swiftly jumped up through the multi-story structure and along the carpets.

In this regard, Sek Sokhom stated: "Although the origin of the fire is still unknown, an initial examination revealed that the supposed cause of fire was an overload due to the New Year's decorations consuming more electricity, which led to wires overheating and burning.

” Images taken there:

The horrific events that occurred during and after the fire are captured in photos from the scene! Injured individuals can be seen gathered together on ledges fighting for their lives in one image, and in another, people can be seen leaping from open windows to escape the rapidly growing fire.

Many pictures depict burning structures, frantic firefighters battling to control and put out the fire, and survivors emerging from the wreckage.

We had been working closely with local officials, including by sending in fire vehicles from the Thai side, according to a source from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Department of Fire Prevention, Extinguishing and Rescue sent the following statement on Twitter: "Calls for help were heard from the 13th, 14th, and 15th floors at 4 am. Hands were seen waving from windows and a mobile phone's flashlight signaling from inside the complex.

One of the firemen reportedly stated in a video that the fire department released online: "The fire was big and within the casino, therefore it was impossible for our water cannons to reach it and that was the reason the fire remained blazing for such a long time."

• Previous fires:

Despite the fact that casinos are forbidden in Thailand, neighboring nations like Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos heavily rely on the casino sector, particularly Cambodia because it is a well-connected tourist destination globally.

Prior to this one, there were two fires in entertainment venues in Vietnam and Thailand this year.

A nightclub fire in Thailand in August claimed the lives of 26 people while injuring dozens more, while a second fire in Vietnam in September claimed the lives of 32 people in a karaoke bar.

Sadly, there was yet more since a large fire started at a New Year's celebration at the Santika club in Bangkok, killing 67 people and injuring over 200 more.

As a result of a fire that started when pyrotechnics were set off while a rock band was performing on stage, the club's CEO was accused and given a 3-year prison term.

Concerning Cambodia's safety regulations:

Concern over the province's disregard for health and safety laws, particularly in its numerous bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues, has long been voiced by citizens of Cambodia.

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