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The Legend of Musashi, a game by Yggdrasil and Peter and Sons, takes you back to ancient Japan.

12-28 2022 casino news

The Legend of Musashi, a game by Yggdrasil and Peter and Sons, takes you back to ancient Japan.

The Legend of Musashi is a slot machine that portrays the culture of ancient Japan, specifically Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese ronin (samurai whose master died), writer, philosopher, swordsman, and strategist who lived in the 16th or 17th century. On December 12, Yggdrasil, a globally renowned iGaming provider based in Malta, signed an agreement with Peter & Sons, a game development studio based in Yerevan, Armenia

Excellent visual

The Japanese sword saint Musashi is the primary focus of the game, staying true to its name. The game is set in a serene building with tiled roof, lanterns, and polished wooden floors.

The slot is strengthened by GATI, a potent slot mechanic created by Yggdrasil that gives its B2B partners the chance to purchase a legal, approved, pre-configured firm development tool that enables them to quickly create original content followed by speedy distribution.

The game has a 6×4 grid and 4,096 winning combinations.

The card suites of blue diamonds, green clubs, red hearts, and purple spades serve as the game's fundamental low-value symbols. Samurai weapons like the nunchaku, kanabo, tessen, and tanto serve as the game's bonus high-value symbols. A combination of six identical low-value symbols is worth 0.5 times a player's wager, and six identical high-value symbols is worth 0.8 to 0.9 times the player's wager.

A combination of six of the special bonus symbols Misoshi and Lady, however, is worth 3–4 times the player's original wager!

Slot attributes:

With the Cascades feature, winning scatter symbols are taken out of the grid and replaced by symbols that are still on the reels. As long as there are no further wins, the feature will continue.

Wilds have the letter "W" on them and can replace any regular pay sign.

When three scatters land, they stack to generate 65 scatters as part of the Power Mode feature. Power Mode is initiated for every group of 65 Scatters. Players receive 3–10 ninja star lives as a prize for participating in this function. But when a Wild shows up, it turns into an Expanding Wild and devours 1 life. The feature expires when the player runs out of life. The Wilds advance from left to right until all the lives are gone if there are more Wilds than lives on the board.

Super Free Spins: The player activates this feature when groupings of 65 Scatters total 650 Scatters. While the multiplier in this feature is identical to that in Monster Free Spins, it does not reset during the duration of the feature.

Monster Free Spins: Acquiring 3 scatters awards the player with 10 free spins, with 2 more spins for each additional scatter. Expanding Wilds are available during this round, and the multiplier resets after each free spin. A new free spin is awarded each time a scatter symbol shows up, and the multiplier's starting value increases by one each time.

Monster Multiplier: This feature is a win multiplier that increases by one on each subsequent cascade. The multiplier is reset when the cascades come to an end. As previously established, the multiplier is not reset throughout the Super Free Spins round.

Buy bonus spins If it's present, the Buy Scatters feature offers players the option to purchase Power Mode or Free Spins (10–16 of which are awarded at random).

We're thrilled to be able to introduce yet another visually spectacular slot alongside Peter & Sons that's full of exciting bonus features and mechanics, said Stuart McCarthy, Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil. No finer game to end the year could have been requested!

"2022 has been a tremendous year for Peter & Sons when it comes to producing top-tier games with Yggdrasil," said Yann Bautista, Business Development Manager at Peter & Sons. "The Legend of Musashiepitomises everything we're about, and we expect it to perform very well as a result."


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