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Owner of the Mavericks wants a new arena in the center of a casino.

12-16 2022 casino news

Owner of the Mavericks wants a new arena in the center of a casino.

losing out on money

If gambling possibilities increase in the state, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to construct a new arena right in the midst of a casino complex.

would collaborate with Las Vegas Sands casino firm.

In an interview with Dallas News this week, he gave a description of the enormous endeavor. Cuban stated that as part of his intentions for the NBA club, he will collaborate on the new Dallas construction with the casino operator Las Vegas Sands (LVS).

When it comes to using casino resorts to draw more visitors to the state, he thinks Texas is missing a trick. If Texas legalized casino resorts, billions of cash would go to the state, according to Cuban.

support teams and operators

The legalization of casino gambling has already received the public support of all significant sports teams in Texas. The Sports Betting Alliance was founded by them in 2021 with the primary goal of legalizing sports betting.

More than a dozen professional sports teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS are based in Texas.

Cuban is the first owner of a major sports club to publicly express his desire to work with a casino corporation to create an arena. That said, considering his current ownership of Golden Nugget casinos in five separate states, Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta may have a good chance for a similar scheme.

One of the main promoters of Texas casino resorts is LVS. It has lobbied on the issue for a while, supporting earlier unsuccessful attempts to enact legislation to expand gaming. In the past, LVS has funded television ad campaigns showing how five-star Texas casino resorts might produce a large amount of new income and thousands of new employment.

Texas's complicated situation

When it comes to gaming, Texas has a long history of being a fairly conservative state. There are now only a few tribal gaming choices, the state lottery, and betting on horses and greyhounds.

Recent legislative attempts to broaden gaming legislation have encountered fierce opposition. Legislators who fear that the spread of gambling would have undesirable societal repercussions and Christian conservatives who object on moral grounds are two of the main opposition groups.

enable the legalization of gambling to be decided by voters

Senator Carol Alvarado recently submitted Senate Joint Resolution 17, demonstrating that legislators aren't giving up on the issue. It will be discussed during the upcoming legislative session, which starts in January. The resolution advocates for a constitutional change that would let people decide whether or not to legalize gambling. Up to four destination casino resorts would also be permitted under the legislation in significant Texas cities.

Cuban's remarks on Thursday were well received by Senator Alvarado, who added: "Hopefully he'll use his clout and resources to assist push us across the finish line." She described Cuban as a smart businessman who recognizes the enormous potential of the state's growth of gaming.

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