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The score predictor game from bet365 and Incentive Games increases World Cup fervor.

11-18 2022 casino news

The score predictor game from bet365 and Incentive Games increases World Cup fervor.

The biggest online betting company in the world, bet365, has partnered with iGaming provider Incentive Games to introduce the daily predictor game "4 Scores" to raise awareness of the 2022 Football World Cup.

Increasing enthusiasm with a predictor game

The World Cup is ready to begin, so bet365 has made the decision to intensify the current global football passion. The well-known operator and a dependable vendor joined forces to introduce the "4 Scores Challenge," a daily tournament predictor game.

The collaboration between bet365 and Incentive Games, the market leader in premium free-to-play games, is another example of how the two companies work well together given their vast familiarity with one another's needs and objectives. The most recent outcome of this information is the "4 Scores Competition," which is based on the idea behind bet365's successful launch of the "6 Scores Challenge" at the start of the 2022–23 Premier League season. Each weekend, hundreds of thousands of players participate in this prediction challenge.

Generous prizes

This time, the "4 Points Challenge" has been made available in order to reward participants for correctly guessing four scores for each day of the competition. The slot gives up to £250 every day throughout the World Cup if four scores are correctly predicted. However, players don't need to correctly predict four scores in order to win because three accurate guesses will earn £10 each day. Likewise, two accurate predictions will earn you £2.50 every day.

Football lovers may enjoy and make each World Cup day more exciting with the help of the cutting-edge new game, which also offers the chance to win numerous significant cash prizes. The World Cup will include teams with varying chances to win each day as the competition progresses, giving players a broad variety of possibilities to make their daily predictions and intensify their gaming experience.

favored by users

"We are delighted to roll out this amazing title throughout the bet365 app and website - we're really proud of it," said John Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder of Incentive Games.

He continued, "Here's a prediction from us: despite being free, 4 Scores will turn into a genuine fan favorite during the World Cup thanks to its substantial cash awards."

"We're happy to announce the debut of "4 Scores," in cooperation with our partners at Incentive Games," according to a bet365 spokeswoman. The World Cup is one of the biggest live sporting events, and we at bet365 love to help our customers enjoy them more. Wishing everyone luck with their forecasts!

We forecast that gamers will adore the "4 Score Challenge" and that both companies will profit from the release of this game.

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